Kathleen Hanagan



Kathleen Hanagan, the Love and Business Sage, psychotherapist, coach, shamanic priestess, speaker and workshop presenter, guides visionaries, light workers, healers and creatives into breakthrough terrain so they can claim their brilliance, clarify their message, and make money while making a difference, without betraying their hearts.

With her signature, warmth, humor and laser focus, Kathleen teaches a bold blend of spiritual wisdom, relational skill and business know-how. She has helped thousands worldwide release the debris of the past and activate the desire within, resetting an inner compass toward their highest destiny and purpose.

In 2005 Kathleen closed her thriving practice to live in the Peruvian Andes, where she was initiated into ancient shamanic wisdom. She then traveled to India, where she received the transmission to activate an expansion of consciousness. She integrates this teaching into her work as the Love and Business Sage.

Pina De Rosa


As a Mindset Effectiveness Expert, a TEDxSpeaker, an Award Winning Producer and International & High Performance Results Coach, Pina De Rosa has been designing and leading live workshops, teleclasses and webinars for over 13 years now. She has been nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal Woman Making A Difference 5 years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Besides keynote speaking at TEDx events, corporate events and leading her own events, she has shared the stage with Barbara De Angelis, Loral Langemeier, Michael Beckwith, Chris Howard, Alison Armstrong, Lisa Sasevich, Debbie Allen, Jill Lublin, Dr. Joanna Martin, Kerwin Rae, James Schramko, Lisa Haisha, Deborah Kagan, Shellie Hunt, Chris Wise, Scott Martineau, Johnnie Cass, Sean Harris, Clinton Swaine, Benjamin Harvey, Todd Newton, Dave Vanhoose, Daven Michaels, Sean Bell, Larry Loik and Kelly O’Neil to name a few.

Pina has coached and trained thousands of people worldwide, from Los Angeles to London, from Sydney to Hong Kong and from Auckland to Kilimanjaro, with always the same commitment and results: empowering each client to live their fullest potential, delivering fast and lasting release of those internal blocks/fears/self-doubt that get in the way of us taking action & experiencing quality of life.

Angela Sticca-Snyder


Angela Sticca Snyder is the consummate strategist. She loves listening, analyzing and developing strategic ideas and plans that bring excitement and comfort to those she mentors.

Angela knew at a very young age that she enjoyed problem solving and developing plans for the “next step.” Her drive, determination and strategic ability was evident early on in her life. She strategically planned out her educational path in order to streamline her road to success. She excelled her schooling by graduating from high school at 16 years of age, earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting at 19 years old, and then rounded out her formal education with her Master’s Degree in Taxation at 21 years, only after taking a year off to go to Culinary School. Angela is also fully licensed with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent and maintains a former Top Secret Security clearance with SSBI.

During her career, Angela has gathered over 23 years of hands on experience in working with thousands of businesses, including, not only solo-preneurs, but also established businesses, and everything in between. Her clients include CEOs in diverse industries. One of her early ventures was building a highly lucrative international manufacturing and import sweater business, that she grew from inception, to growth, landing her line in Nordstroms, then she strategically planned and executed the profitable sale of the business.

As a successful leader, coupled with Angela’s experience in working with thousands of businesses over the years, understanding their structure, procedures and accounting, has given her the leverage and knowledge to assist her clients with inside experience of what has and hasn’t worked for their peers.

Angela’s presentations are both educational and entertaining. She actively engages the audience so that they feel a part of the program, while leaving them with a feeling of empowerment because of the knowledge and skills learned.


Luna Jaffe

Luna Bio Image



Luna Jaffe is a catalyst for financial transformation.   She holds a passionate conviction that your relationship with money is critical to having a successful and satisfying life.  Luna is the author of the award winning book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom, the first book to bring creative expression and financial planning together in a beautiful and approachable manner.


Luna is a Certified Financial Planner™, visual artist and psychotherapist. Her current project, {Wild} Money Monologues, is a live performance and film exploring the stories we tell ourselves about money. Luna is the CEO of a boutique financial planning and investment firm, Lunaria Financial, in Portland, Oregon. Luna offers securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc.

Kelly Fidel

Kelly Fidel_No Glass Ceiling


Kelly Fidel, CEO, No Glass Ceiling | Founder, No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference

Kelly Fidel is America’s Leading Sales Expert in landing lucrative larger clients.  She is a professional speaker, author, and business strategist.  As Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling, she began her sales mastery at the age of 9. Raised by a single mother and very little money, she sold avocados door-to-door to buy a pair of “Red Ball Jets” tennis shoes.  (a woman has got to have her shoes)!

Harnessing more than 28 years of expertise as a powerhouse corporate executive running billion dollar sales divisions, Kelly successfully navigated the world of corporate dealmakers and boardrooms; negotiating against some of the most powerful men in the world for the win! Her clients include Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Staples Center, Transamerica, Assurant and many more.  Kelly has been features on CBS, NBC, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Fox, CNN and more.

Today, Kelly has emerged as the premier sales expert on Women, Money and Landing Amazing Lucrative Larger Clients.  She has spoken at over 3,000 events and workshops and built 2 businesses from scratch to 7-figure before selling them for incredible profit.  Kelly has developed the “winning formula”; taking insider secrets & strategies used in the boardroom to create a “level playing field” for women entrepreneurs to profit wildly.  Kelly candidly shares what workswhat doesn’t and how to harness lucrative profit channels.   The End Goal:  PLAY A BIGGER GAME & PROFIT WILDLY!

Kelly’s programs and events have reached International acclaim for unique, cutting-edge strategies that create faster than usual results.  Now, she’s Shattering the glass ceiling with the most powerful event designed for massive impact for women to take it to a whole new level.

Kelly will share her best-kept secrets, expertise and strategies on how to attract, acquire and attain some of the largest brand names in the world, which garnered her well-earned crown of, “The Dealmaker”.

Kelly is a die-hard football mom and lives with her husband and 2 teen boys near Newport Beach, California while traveling on stages around the country.  For more information or to contact/book Kelly Fidel, visit www.NoGlassCeiling.com

Liora Mendeloff

Liora M_headshot_-_blue

Liora Mendeloff is President and Founder of Woman Speakers Association (WSA). Reaching women in 120 countries on 6 continents, WSA is THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. Whatever her “stage”…be it the classroom, a boardroom, the floor of the U.N., Liora is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of their clients, companies, communities and the world.

Liora brings her passion for supporting women to her work on the Boards of Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Women’s National Book Association LA and California Women’s Conference. She is honored to be a Founding Member of Association of Transformational Leaders, an inaugural winner of The New MADE Revolution MAG’s Top 50 Women Award and to have been designated as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Public Speaking by the International Women’s Leadership Association.

A passionate mapmaker and maverick at heart, Liora is bound and determined to shake up the status quo and break new ground for how women grow their business, their bottom line and broadcast their message to the world.


Dafna Michaelson



Dafna Michaelson is the co-founder, president and JourneyWoman for the 50 in 52 Journey, a project for which she traveled across America to all 50 states and Washington DC, spanning the 52 weeks of 2009 to find America’s problem solvers and idea generators. Through this Journey Michaelson has been sharing the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their communities throughout the country, with the goal of changing the mirror we use that reflects who we are as a society and thus inspiring others to action.

The project received national attention from CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, CNN as well as KUSA-TV, Denver’s NBC affiliate, the Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, multiple radio stations, local news outlets and countless blog recognition, and social media for social good awards as the country became motivated by the Journey.

In 2010 Michaelson launched the Journey Institute and Journey Productions to help others mobilize their communities to action. Most recently, Michaelson joined the TED family first as a presenter for TedxDenverEd and now as curator of TedxCrestmoorPark: Breaking Boundaries, Building Community and TedxCrestmoorParkWomen 2011, 2012 and 2013. She also curated TEDxCrestmoorParkED with Colorado Public Television in 2013.

Michaelson has been recognized nationally as well as locally for her achievements. She was awarded the 2010 Person of the Year award by Conversations magazine. More recently she was recognized by ColoradoBiz Magazine as a “Trendsetter” for being a social entrepreneur and “making a difference in business and beyond.” As well as by David Siteman Garland of the entrepreneurial business series The Rise to the Top amongst “35 Female Visionaries You Need to Know.”

In 2011 Michaelson was presented the Go-Giver award personally by Bob Burg, author of the international best selling series Go-Giver books, in recognition of her national and global achievements in community building.

Michaelson shares a beautiful Colorado lifestyle with her husband Michael Jenet, and their combined children Ryan, Gavriella, and Eytan.

Kelly Bean

Kelly Bean_head shot


Kelly is a local and international leader and encourager as well as an activist for positive change in the community and around the world. From United Nations Commission on the status of women panels, to mud huts in Rwanda, to conference stages across the country, to living rooms in her own city of Portland, Oregon, Kelly Bean encourages community building for the sake of a better world. Life changing stories unfold when we come together. When we honor and respect difference, join to work for peace and reconciliation and create global community that build bridges of hope we are all changed for good.

Kelly Bean is co-founder and Executive Director of African Road, an International NGO working in collaboration with African leaders who are creating community collectives with people on the margins in their communities.

African Road takes action guided by values of:

  • Friendship- Partnering with women, children and their communities.
  • Hope- Working for sustainable change.
  • Transformation- Breaking the cycle of poverty for the next generation

A speaker, writer, mentor, activist, ‘minister at large’ and artist, Kelly is passionate about creating environments that seed deep community with diverse groups. Kelly has been creating and leading strategic networks for women in ministry for the past 10 years, four years with National Emerging Women Leaders Initiative and six years founding and leading Convergence. She is a member of the Parish Collective Portland steering committee. Kelly Bean served as Cultivator of Third Saturday organic community which gathered in her living room for 24 years. She is co-planter of Urban Abbey, an egalitarian inter-generational intentional community in North Portland. Urban Abbey is forming with values of sustainability, earth-keeping, authenticity and reconciliation with a commitment to learn from and root in this ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood.

She recently authored a book with Baker Books, How to Be a Christian Without Going to Church, to be released July 2014 and is contributor to a Fuller Seminary publication on the Church in Contemporary Culture and has written for E-Florescence, Mutuality and Idea-Lab magazines.

Kelly’s most remarkable endeavor is learning from her three children: Elliot the ace guitarist and mild mannered creative (age 18), Kate the adventurer (age 24), and Emilie the kind-hearted (age 28), gorgeous grandchildren Gabriel, Abby and Kiana, along with Kelly’s marvelous Harley riding husband, Ken.

For additional soul enrichment Kelly paints, rides her sky blue bike called “Libby”, cooks, eats, feeds others, naps, reads, travels whenever possible, establishes cross cultural relationships, retreats for spiritual direction at Mt. Angel Benedictine Abbey, cultivates good friendships and learns from a broad constellation of wise mentors and spiritual friends.

Wild Rastafarian puppy Maggie and three stealthy cats, along with an occasional infestation of sugar ants and meal worms keep the household lively most of the time.


Anna-Mieke Anderson

Anna Mieke-Anderson

Anna-Mieke Anderson (pronounced Annameeka), originally from the South Pacific (born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia). She currently resides in Portland Oregon USA and is the Founder and CEO of MiaDonna & Company.

She started out in the fashion world – as a kid she grew up “back stage” with a mother that modeled and a film art director for a father. Her teen years were spent on stage and as an adult she returned backstage as a high fashion makeup artist. Now she is a mother, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Anna-Mieke was a woman passionate about learning the origin of her earth-mined diamond – what she found was startling. She became so haunted by what she learned about the trade of illicit diamonds, that she took off her own diamond wedding ring and didn’t look back.

“People need to know that the unethical harvesting and trading of diamonds is still damaging communities and lives.” says Anna-Mieke

She started by sponsoring a child in Liberia, Africa and then set out to find a diamond alternative she could live with. In search of a conflict-free diamond, she soon realized that the only true conflict free diamond was a man-made option. The female entrepreneur knew there was a better way and quickly discovered she wasn’t the only one in search of a beautiful, ethical diamond alternative, that was also affordable – MiaDonna & Company was born.

Pushing boundaries in an industry heavily dominated by men and old traditions, Anna-Mieke offers consumers an alternative to mined diamonds: a man made, eco-friendly, beautiful and affordable diamond.

“We can now make diamonds in a modern-day lab environment, that are more beautiful and affordable than earth-mined diamonds; without the conflict that is associated with getting them out of the earth,” states Anna-Mieke.

Fueled by her passion to give back, Anna-Mieke has built her eco-friendly empire from the grassroots level creating one of the greenest eco-friendly jewelry boutiques online. And it wasn’t long before Engagement101 crowned her, “The Queen of Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings.” While humbled by this title, she considers it a true honor to be seen as an industry leader.

She has taken her efforts a step further – Anna-Mieke founded The Greener Diamond, which is MiaDonna’s charity foundation dedicated to rebuilding communities negatively impacted by the harvesting and trading of earth-mined diamonds. Passionate about her foundation’s work, she has personally visited West Africa to oversee the 100-acre rice farm in Sierra Leone and is currently planning a community farm in Liberia, all funded by MiaDonna® consumers.

The work Anna-Mieke is doing has captured attention around the globe by creating a conversation among diamond consumers. MiaDonna® has quickly built a strong reputation and loyal following with their jewelry designs going viral on social media outlets, creating an overwhelmingly positive consumer demand for MiaDonna’s eco-friendly offerings. MiaDonna® has received a spot on the Portland Business Journals’ Fastest Growing Private Companies with an impressive growth rate, now for two years in a row.

“We’re dedicated to making a difference” explains Anna-Mieke, “We don’t just write checks to foundations, hoping they do a good job. Instead, we create our own projects that restore diamond-mining communities – and visit those communities, to ensure we’re making a serious impact. It’s a good feeling.”

The Dali Lama once said, “Western women will save the world” and Anna-Mieke is proving that he might be right.