Becky Olson

Becky Olson feather boa

As a three-time breast cancer survivor, Becky took her situation and turned it into something positive. In 2000, she co-founded a non-profit called Breast Friends dedicated to helping women in their fight against breast cancer. Becky also wrote the book, “The Hat That Saved My Life,” a humorous and inspirational look at surviving breast cancer. (Now in its second printing).

Becky worked in Corporate America for most of her life. In 1996, at age 43 and at the peak of her career, Becky was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. As often happens, her priorities began to change, but like many of us, she was afraid to leave the security of her job. She co-created Breast Friends and worked at it part-time while she hung in with her job.

She was diagnosed again in 2004. Finally, a year later, Becky left that high paying, but high stress job in yellow page advertising sales to pursue her career as a professional speaker. She now travels all over the country sharing her story about how she overcame the odds and stepped out to do what so many of us dream of doing “someday.”

Becky knows that things don’t happen “someday.” They happen Tuesday or they happen Saturday. But if we wait for someday, it will never happen. Her humorous yet encouraging message gets people motivated to step out of the boat, take a chance and do something they’ve always dreamed of doing.

After her first diagnosis in 1996, Becky developed her “list of things to do before she died.” Her second diagnosis in 2004 gave her list more urgency. In March of 2009, Becky was diagnosed yet again. Though her third battle with breast cancer, labelled as “Consistent with Metastatic Disease,” was devastating at the time, Becky continued to speak. She took time off from radiation to visit Ft. Wayne, Indiana to speak at a Susan G. Komen for the Cure luncheon.

After her third diagnosis, her list got “deeper.” She now focuses on her legacy and encourages her audiences to do the same. Becky believes that we have from this moment to…whenever… to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. No one knows how long we have on this earth, but whatever time we have left, we need to do our best to do what God has placed us here to do. For Becky, that means bringing hope to audiences.
Becky continues to encourage her audiences to look for the blessings in adversity, find happiness and share it with others. She also reminds us not to wait for “someday” to do what you love, and most importantly, she says, “DON’T FORGET TO LAUGH” – and they do.

Becky’s story has been written up in Woman’s World Magazine, numerous newspaper and magazine articles and Becky has appeared on Christian global television and radio. She has contributed to several books on breast cancer. She has received numerous awards including the 2009 National Pink Power Mom Award from Bright Starts, and the 2011 Bank of American Local Hero Award.

Becky lives in Portland, OR with her husband of 34 years, Bill. They have five grown children and four grandchildren.