Kelly Fidel

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Kelly Fidel, CEO, No Glass Ceiling | Founder, No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference

Kelly Fidel is America’s Leading Sales Expert in landing lucrative larger clients.  She is a professional speaker, author, and business strategist.  As Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling, she began her sales mastery at the age of 9. Raised by a single mother and very little money, she sold avocados door-to-door to buy a pair of “Red Ball Jets” tennis shoes.  (a woman has got to have her shoes)!

Harnessing more than 28 years of expertise as a powerhouse corporate executive running billion dollar sales divisions, Kelly successfully navigated the world of corporate dealmakers and boardrooms; negotiating against some of the most powerful men in the world for the win! Her clients include Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Staples Center, Transamerica, Assurant and many more.  Kelly has been features on CBS, NBC, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Fox, CNN and more.

Today, Kelly has emerged as the premier sales expert on Women, Money and Landing Amazing Lucrative Larger Clients.  She has spoken at over 3,000 events and workshops and built 2 businesses from scratch to 7-figure before selling them for incredible profit.  Kelly has developed the “winning formula”; taking insider secrets & strategies used in the boardroom to create a “level playing field” for women entrepreneurs to profit wildly.  Kelly candidly shares what workswhat doesn’t and how to harness lucrative profit channels.   The End Goal:  PLAY A BIGGER GAME & PROFIT WILDLY!

Kelly’s programs and events have reached International acclaim for unique, cutting-edge strategies that create faster than usual results.  Now, she’s Shattering the glass ceiling with the most powerful event designed for massive impact for women to take it to a whole new level.

Kelly will share her best-kept secrets, expertise and strategies on how to attract, acquire and attain some of the largest brand names in the world, which garnered her well-earned crown of, “The Dealmaker”.

Kelly is a die-hard football mom and lives with her husband and 2 teen boys near Newport Beach, California while traveling on stages around the country.  For more information or to contact/book Kelly Fidel, visit