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You’re Four Lattes Away from Staying Top-of-Mind with Your Customers. Seriously.

For a mere $15 a month, about the cost of four lattes, you could be reaching hundreds of current and potential clients with your message.

As company owners or managers, we’re always looking for cost-effective ways to grow our business and a simple tool that many businesses overlook is e-mail marketing. When done right, an email campaign can increase brand loyalty (meaning get your customers to appreciate you even more) and drive sales (i.e. pick up the phone and make an appointment). All this for a mere $15 a month, plus some of your time.

Tempt and Entice with Interesting and Valuable Content.
You probably get a lot of e-newsletters as it is now. Which ones grab your attention and do you open regularly? Most likely it’s the ones that:
Have great content of benefit to YOU, the reader
Look professional
Somehow saves you time or money

The key to a great email marketing campaign is to educate and reward the reader, but most all keep the focus on the customer. Ditch the big sales pitch and your readers/customers will love you all the more for it.