Teri Hockett

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Teri Hockett, CEO of What’s For Work? created a unique social community for women returning to the workforce that have been Employed by Life. What’s For Work? teaches them how to craft their personal brand, and learn how to effectively use social media to create their next job opportunity.

What’s For Work? helps women find the work they love by providing a rich set of tools and resources to locate jobs, build resumes, prepare for interviews, explore the hidden job market, blog, connect with other women, network with experts; giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be successful.

Companies join What’s For Work? because they that understand the value that women in the workplace bring and want to contribute to their successes. Companies create their profiles, post job openings leveraging a state of the art applicant tracking system, and market their products, services, and expertise, as well share events and promotions.